Art should be fun

Fun to make, fun to look at, fun to have around. I like it bright, and bold, and big enough to see. If it is functional too, all the better! My work reflects my like of pink flamingos and Hawaiian shirts, precision and accuracy, though not necessarily in that order or all at the same time! I want people to smile, or maybe do a double take. Any finished work is only as good as its initial drawing so I strive for accuracy at the beginning. I want my work to always be the very best I can make it. "Good enough" applies to washing floors, never to art. Keep learning, keep playing, and make artist friends to encourage and inspire you!

Hope you enjoy my art!

     Kathy                                                                                       (K. Remahl Steere)


Kathy Steere has been creative her entire life. The form of expression changes with her stage of life: doing craft kits as a child, making floral displays for work, leading scout projects and activities, visualizing flag routines as a color guard instructor, drawing for botanical art, and always, teaching. Kathy can draw, teaches drawing, and has always found coloring to be very restful.

She tripped into quilting in 2007. It did not take long for her to realize matching points and accurate ¼” seams were not in her future. Free-motion quilting, though, was drawing using a needle and a power tool.

An art friend introduced Kathy to water-soluble crayons. While researching how to improve her technique on canvas, she discovered the crayons could be used on fabric. After much trial and error, more research, and practice, Kathy has figured out how to “color in the lines” on fabric.

Kathy Steere is an award-winning artist who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and genuinely wants her students to feel successful.

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