January 23, 2019

Where would we be without deadlines? Contest deadlines, exhibition due dates, gift giving occasions, promises made  - especially to others.

Last week I read that when you want to learn something new, you should do it every day for 30 days. Since my challenge is being able to do this blog without struggling overmuch, I had intended to post something yesterday. Alas, the fates had other ideas for my time and energy.

What I found as I was going through some water-soaked papers, were some lists dated many years ago (many years) of ideas for art projects, subject matter, marketing possibilities, and so on. The appalling part is too many of them are also on my current list. (Really? I haven't done them yet?!)

The best, sometimes I think the only, way for me to make art is when there is a deadline. So, I hunt for deadlines. And make art.

Some of it is even good.

Without deadlines, there are scraps of water-soaked papers full of great ideas that have gone to the great beyond. And no one knows what Could Have Been.

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