"Feather #31" - Kate's Fun Art
NAG spring 2018

"Feather #31", 12" x  19", colored pencil on paper, 2018

"Feather #31"

April 7, 2019

I took a series of photos as I was working on this feather.  It's always interesting to see how work progresses through all of its phases. The key, as always, is getting the original lines correct. Then it's adding value and thin layers of color until it's finished. (Ooh, can you tell I taught a class earlier today?!)

This is the first time I'm attempting a multi-photo presentation. The pictures should loop from beginning to end, but I don't seem to have it quite right. Try grabbing the strip with the mouse and moving it to see the rest of the photos. It starts with a feather and ends with a framed drawing.

"When was the last time you did something for the first time?" is the saying on a shirt still hanging in a prominent place in the house as a reminder to voluntarily try new things. As witnessed by the lack of automation in the above feather photos, we are not always totally successful.

But I tried!

And I am much more comfortable with manipulating photos and navigating this website than I was a few months ago. (The notes I've made help a lot.)

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