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April 19, 2019

Where does inspiration come from? The short answer is anywhere and everywhere.

We can be drawn to favored subject matter or colors. Sometimes it is provided for us in the form of a request or commission. Some of the best ideas come from conversation and brainstorming with others. Flipping through old photos or picture books can spark a thought. Maybe it comes from a poem or a story. Mostly you just need to open and aware of what's around you. Think about how many of the old masters painted their dining table or back yard.

Sometimes necessity pushes your back to the wall. 

I had the topic for this blog post but no idea what photos to put with it. So I did the logical thing and sifted through 15 years of digital photos. While digital photography is wonderful, the photos are much more useful when they are sorted somehow. Over the years, every time I figured out how to categorize and label photos, the program changed or was no longer supported and I would have to learn yet another system. The obvious solution was to leave the mess until later. (I've never been a fan of sitting at a computer and 15 years of photos is off putting to say the least,)

One of my personal goals for the year is to get more comfortable with this website which entails a lot of work with manipulating photos. So to make my life easier in the long run, I decided to make a digital album of my art and creative projects. I ran across some pics of projects I had forgotten about, some that I didn't remember taking pictures of, and some project pics have simply vanished into the ether. Also found many duplicates and pictures out of order for reasons I don't understand since they are each date/time-stamped. It's very challenging (frustrating!), but I am determined to get past this learning stage so it can be easier to find what I'm looking for.

I also found some entertaining pictures of previous hair styles. Yikes! But we digress...

Scrolling through the newly formed album, this sugar skull picture jumped up today and said, "Pick me, pick me!"

An art friend proposed a collaboration project and gave me this piece of wood to do whatever I wanted with it. I set it in my studio, turned it in different directions, studied on it waiting for an image to appear while I was working on other projects. Many thoughts, all rejected, until we were at an October event. There was a lull in the face painting activity, so I took my face paints to paint the sugar skull that I could now so clearly see. (My friend later had me repaint it in more permanent acrylic paints. It was then passed on to another artist as part of the collaboration project.)

I'd show you a picture of it painted in acrylics, but I either neglected to take a photo of it (hard to believe) or it vanished.

The sugar skull was the inspiration for another project that was shown the following October. A 3-d quilt challenge, meaning what the quilt looks like when viewed through 3-d glasses. I made the full-size pattern, tried out a bunch of fabrics to see how they looked through the 3-d glasses, and assembled the quilt. Here it is:

Untitled photo

The colors really vibrate through the glasses!

The sugar skull will appear again in my work. It's a fun design and happy to be presented in many formats.

Inspiration. Anywhere and Everywhere. Nothing wrong with revisiting an idea, either.

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