"Le Jardin" a 10 person group project

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"Le Jardin", 67" x 44", fiber, 2018      This is a 10 person group project designed and coordinated by Kathy Steere

"Le Jardin" a 10 person group project

March 31, 2020

Ten (10) people wanting to collaborate on a group project.

One (1) mystery photo.

Three (3) deadlines.

Two (2) ribbons.

Two (2) national shows.

Ten (10) individual quilts.

One (1) successful collaboration!

"Le Jardin" is French for "the garden" since the image is based on a famous garden in France. The group only knew this was a landscape with a garden feature until three months after receiving their line drawing.

Here's the master line drawing.

(I designed and coordinated this collaboration project.)

Untitled photo

January 2018

Line drawings, color suggestions and instructions were distributed. (no photo)

May 2018  the first deadline

The grand mystery is revealed.

Untitled photo

July 2018   the second deadline (no photo)

Pieces gathered to take photo necessary for quilt show application.

September 2018   the third and final deadline of turning in the pieces

Pieces are each completed and being assembled onto black fabric for exhibiting.

Untitled photo

October 2018

Exhibited at the Prairie Star Quilters Guild show where it won President's Choice and People's Choice ribbons.

The ten of us were stunned. This was all about doing a collaboration project, not chasing ribbons.

Untitled photo

Spring 2019

"Le Jardin" was exhibited at the Paducah, KY spring show.

Fall 2019

"Le Jardin" was exhibited at the Madison, WI show.

Due to conflicts in scheduling, I was unable to attend either of those shows, so no pics.

(Other group members took care of all the details for the national shows.)

Winter 2019

"Le Jardin" was disassembled and each small quilt returned to its maker.

You've seen the front of mine, here is the back of Piece K.

Untitled photo

"Le Jardin" was a true group project. Totally inclusive with skill levels ranging from novice to professional utilizing a wide range of techniques.

One of the goals was to show the world what an art bee could do. None of us ever dreamed it would take on a life of its own the way it did.

L - LInda H.

E - Kay N.

J - Lynn M.

A - Jan S.

R - Jean N.

D - Marty J.

I - Sherrie P.

N - Melissa O.

K - Kathy S.

S - Barb S.

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