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Life v. Art

May 7, 2019

What have you done for me lately? What new art do you have to take to your groups for show and tell this month? You haven't taken anything new since February. Seriously, you call yourself an artist, but what art have you made in the last three months?

Sound familiar?

Well, I know I've been busy, some of it even art related. Prepped and painted some interior and exterior walls, ceilings, eaves and fascia boards. Ran some workshops, taught drawing fundamentals, booked another workshop and a presentation. Did some spring cleaning indoors, did the first mowing of the season, bought tomato plants, and set up the pond pump. We've managed to have food in the house, supper in our bellies, clean clothes to wear and the bills are all paid. Even did some preliminary work for future art projects.

But none of that works for show and tell!

It seems life just gets in the way. Why is "Make Art" at the bottom of the "To Do" list?

Why do we let "Make Art" be at the bottom of the list?!

Arts are the first things cut from the schools. Does that mean our creative outlets need to be the first things cut from our daily schedules? I think not.

We all know the importance of the arts and creative outlets. Can you imagine a world without books or movies, or songs on the radio? Or stylish clothing, pleasing design of buildings or cars? Paint colors and art on the wall? And so on. The results of art and creativity are all around us. All of the time.

So why is "Make Art" at the bottom of the "To Do" list?

Because my work surface is covered with teaching materials that need to be tweaked before being put away so they'll be ready for the next class.

Because winter is trying really hard to be gone and spring chores don't wait.

Because now it's time to make dinner before going to a meeting tonight...

(Besides, actually starting a new project is hard. It's so much easier to work on once it is underway.)

Maybe tomorrow...

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