Log Cabin Series

"Log Cabin Traditional", 16" x 24", 2019

"Log Cabin Traditional", 16" x 24", pieced, 2019

Log Cabin series

March 28, 2020

In working on the Abstract, Traditional and all In-between show, "log cabin" presented a small series.

Log Cabin is perhaps the most traditional of all quilt patterns, It absolutely had to be represented in the show.

It followed that a single log cabin quilt block should have a modern or improv spin to it. 

And where can you find a log cabin? In the woods, of course!

"Log Cabin Traditional"

"Log Cabin Traditional", 16" x 24", 2019

"Log Cabin Unwound"

"Log Cabin Unwound", 17.5 x 27", 2020

"Log Cabin in the Woods"

"Log Cabin in the Woods", 19" x 26", 2020

I have already written about the process of "Log Cabin Traditional" in another blog post so I won't bore you by repeating it.  For those who have read it, now you've seen the finished product!   


The development of "Log Cabin Unwound" took several sketches and auditioning of titles. I knew I wanted something with a "modern" feel and/or using an improv technique (meaning not measuring pieces or having an exact pattern). The fabrics were selected when I was working on "Log Cabin Traditional" so the three cabin quilts would coordinate. 

The log cabin series was part of the original list of pieces I wanted to make for the show. "Log Cabin Unwound" was the last one started. It went together very quickly because the fabrics were already prepared and the thought process and sketches had been done. 

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

"Log Cabin in the Woods" was stitched on the wrong of a single piece of commercially printed fabric (from my stash, of course). It started with a full size line drawing which was transferred to the quilt top. The top, batting and back were pinned together to make the quilt sandwich, then stitched, washed, and colored with water soluble crayons and watercolor pencils. My art friends suggested the wider binding to act as a frame for the picture.

The binding fabric can be found in all three log cabin quilts. The color selection was coordinated for more cohesiveness among the three quilts.

The photo shows the stitching and the start of the coloring. I used appropriate colored threads in different areas. (blue in the lake, green for the grass, variegated grays for the chimney, etc.)

These three quilts were supposed to all be the same size, but...they aren't.

The log cabin series is the best representation of the show title, "Abstract, Traditional and all In-between". It was first on the list I made back in August. (The star series was second.)

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