"Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate",  8.5" x 11", mixed media on fiber,  2017

Sneak Preview of Spring 2020 show

February 7, 2020

Abstract, traditional and all in-between.

The Steel Beam Theater in St. Charles, IL will be putting on the play "Quilters" in April this year. Cultural Connection is curating an art exhibit of small quilts and fiber art made by yours truly. The exhibit runs from April 3 through May 17, 2020.

The gallery exhibit is open one hour before performances, during intermission and after performances. Performances are weekends in April: Fridays and Saturdays 8pm, Sundays 3pm.

Relevant websites/contacts are: steelbeamtheatre.org and culturalconnection@comcast.net

Here's a sneak preview of some of the small quilts and fiber art that are planned for the show. (Final selections are subject to change based on the completion of new work.)

Chantilly Nights, 16" x 42", 2019

Primrose Party, 8.5" x 11", 2017

Log Cabin Traditional, 16" x 24", 2019

Blue Daisy, 10" x 10", 2016

Ohio Star, 16" x 24", 2020

"Ohio Star(s)". 16" x 24", 2020

FLA-GO-MIN, 17.5" x 41", 2018

Little Sister of Spring, 10" x 8", 2017

May Day. 10" x 8", 2017

Le Jardin piece K, 27" x 12.5", 2018

Sweet, Sweets Memories, 24" x 16", 2014

There are more under way that I'm very excited about! Only time will tell what the final show will look like. After all, I have almost 8 weeks before deadline - and there's nothing like a looming deadline to spur productivity!

Meanwhile, abstract, traditional and all in-between has Kathy Steere written all over it and I am enjoying the process (even when I'm going a little bit crazy!) 

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