"Title", size, year

Progressive art project almost done.

Still fun!

August 2, 2019

The art part is done. All that's left to do is finish the edges, figure out how to hang it, and put a label on it.

Picking up where we left off last time...

The rest of the background is stitched and the last basting pin has been removed.

Untitled photo

The next bit was to add detail to the dragonfly wings. I set the machine so the blue bobbin thread would show against the ivory top thread to help indicate the laciness of the wings and let the wings be more visible against the stitched background.

I also stitched over several items in the foreground to make the lines stronger and give more color to them. The most obvious difference in the photo is the spider on the tree.

Untitled photo

Once all of the stitching was finished, I washed the piece to remove the few markings I made and any sizing in the fabric so it would be ready for coloring. (Machine wash, gentle, cold water, very little detergent, and shortened rinse cycle because that part wasn't very gentle.) After rolling it in a towel to remove some moisture, I ironed it then laid the piece flat on a dry towel to air dry overnight.

Untitled photo

I wanted to add some soft coloring and not mess up. Ah, the best of plans...

When the first application of color dried, I discovered some uneven, blotchy spots on the tree that weren't okay. The color was very happy to stay where it was so the only solution was to add more color. More color on the tree needed to be balanced with more color on the base of the unfurling fern.

The darker tree made the vine leaves stand out too much and they were not intended to be a focal point. So I had to put color on those leaves to push them back.

You see where this is going. One thing always leads to another. And another.

The green on the other plant in front of the tree needed to be deepened. The bromeliad in front needed more color all over. Even the dirt needed to be darkened. Sigh. That was way more color than I had envisioned.

The unfurling fern needed to be bumped up as well. And then the ivy needed even more color and didn't want more green so it has some reds and oranges.

The dragonfly cooperated and accepted the intended pearlescent liquid acrylic applied to its wings. It was so polite, I didn't mind putting a second coat on it.

Untitled photo
"Title", size, year

Overall, I am pleased with how this turned out. The only thing I would do differently next time is to have the composition completely figured out before putting it on the fabric.

But that wasn't the purpose of this whole project at all; this was about the week to week process of making art. The real bonus is that this turned out well enough to be named and presented to the world!

So. Much. Fun!

Here is the fully stitched back before binding:

Untitled photo

It will be named "Zoicenian".

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