"Sundae", 12" x 19.5", 2020

"Sundae", 12" x 19.5", colored wholecloth, 2020


March 30, 2020

"Sundae", like "Chi-Town Dog", revisits a prior treatment of the subject. The original, named "A Whole Lot of Good with a Cherry on Top", was made in 2012. It was 14" x 18", watercolor and colored pencil on paper. It tried to find life in a couple of contests, but was unsuccessful. It's hanging in the basement.

When I started doing more with colored wholecloth and multiple layers of batting, the sundae was a good subject with which to experiment. Sometimes experiments turn into viable works of art, like "Hot Dog" (the predecessor to "Chi-Town Dog") and "Zoicenian". This was not one of those times. I pushed it past the point of redemption and learned from it. It's tucked in a drawer.

Third time's the charm, right? Or is it three strikes and you're out? Doesn't much matter. "Sundae" is the third and final iteration of this composition. I still like it, but...it's time to move on to other foods. It's part of the "Abstract, Traditional and all In-between" show.

The best part for you? I'm remembering to take more photos of each step. Here's how a colored wholecloth typically happens after the design is stitched onto the layered quilt, washed and ironed:

The best part for me? I still remember how good that sundae tasted after the pictures were all taken!

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