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"Wedding Shoes" , 20" x 29", fiber, 2013

"Wedding Shoes"

January 30. 2019

This was made early in my fiber art career. These are the shoes my daughter wore on her wedding day. They were too pretty to not be seen so I made this art piece for her. It shows her feet and shoes while she is holding up the front of her dress. (Yes, she modeled for me.)

The challenges were many since I had no experience doing that sort of layering and had only minimal quilting skills. There was a lot of trial and error. Thankfully, there were some kind, patient people around to answer the myriad questions.

I had purchased a wedding gown from a thrift store for the fabric. Have to admit, it was a bit scary throwing it in the washing machine, but it washed beautifully. Then I cut pieces out of it. The first cut is the hardest. There was plenty of lace to go along with the satin.

The silver on the shoes is silver lame, which has too low a thread count to work well with applique, but I used it anyway. (You'll discover I really like the shiny, hard to work with fabrics.) The clear beads are sewn on by hand to mimic the rhinestones on the shoes.

I wanted the part under the front of the dress to have some volume so the skirt would flare out which was yet another challenge since I had never done anything even remotely similar. It ended up looking like a butt, but it did the job I needed it to do and no one sees it - normally.

Here's a picture:

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And here's a picture of the actual shoes. I still think they are beautiful!

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Since completing this project, I have had the confidence to wash another wedding dress in the home washing machine. It looked great after I ironed out all the wrinkles. Smelled better, too!

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