Colored Wholecloth and More

This trunk show/power point presentation will "go behind the curtain" and show the process of making select art quilts. You'll see how several different techniques come together to make the final piece - and how sometimes the best results come from messing up!

What is "colored wholecloth"? There are three basic steps: 1) Find/make a line drawing and transfer it to a single piece of cloth (taught in "The Illusion of Drawing" workshop). 2) "Poof" out selected areas using machine trapunto (see "Cookie Cutter Faux Trapunto" workshop). 3) Then pull out your inner child and color! ("Color Blending Basics" workshop)

"Lone Star", 16"x24" (right) is colored wholecloth. It is not pieced.

"Lone Star", 16.5" x 23.5", 2020

Life is a River - one artist's tale

No, I did not grow up quilting at my grandmother's side. Nor did I paint at my grandfather's knee You'll hear about some of the twists and turns that brought me to the point now of being an artist who quilts.   

"Log Cabin in the Woods", 19"x26" (right) is colored wholecloth


Untitled photo


The Illusion of Drawing

This 3 hour workshop will show you how to make a line drawing (pattern lines) without doing the scary "drawing" part.

You'll learn ways to turn a photo (or photos) into a line drawing, how to enlarge the line drawing to the size you need it to be for your project, and how to transfer it to fabric.

You'll then make your own grids and add your pattern lines. 

At last, another use for your quilting ruler!

Untitled photo

Cookie Cutter Faux Trapunto

Want to get the "poof" of trapunto on the front of your quilt without slicing into the backing? In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to get a faux trapunto effect by utilizing an extra layer of batting - before assembling the three quilt layers. (This is also known as machine trapunto.)

This technique is suitable for your preferred method of sewing - hand, foot, or free-motion. (Samples pictured were done with a regular foot on a domestic machine.)

trapunto samples

Color Blending Basics

This 3 hour workshop will show you how to make many colors from very few. We'll review color wheel structure and value scale, plus show how and what happens when you blend or layer colors.

But really, bring those art supplies from home and I'll show you how to use them!

The in-person version of this workshop will have a variety of watercolor pencils and water-soluble crayons for you to experiment with in class. There will also be an optional $15 kit available in person (cash or check only, please).

primary colors and wheel
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